TotalCtrl Consumer

A sustainable grocery shopping app


TotalCtrl Consumer offers a solution to the grocery industry that makes it easier for their customers, the consumers, to plan, buy, and to use food. TotalCtrl Consumer is a sustainable grocery app that gives consumers control over their own consumption. Everything is connected. By letting the consumer plan, buy and use smarter, the grocery retailers will do the same. TotalCtrl Consumer will reduce the money retailers waste, literally, in the garbage in the form of foods. Improved inventory control, increased purchasing experience and streamlining sales are just some of the benefits that our solution contributes to. The app consists of features such as notification according to expiration date and autogeneration of recipes. We will help you not forget, and always have answers to what you can make out of what you already have at home.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Norway

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  • Charlotte Aschim, CEO. Ingrid Østby, CMO. Jørgen A. Forsell, Developer. Petter Østby, Sales. Matthew Lynch, Advisor

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