National First prize winner


Mobile solar transport solutions that reduce fuel and harmful emissions


TRAILAR provides a greener, more cost efficient, urban friendly delivery solution that can revolutionize the transport sector. An industry first, we’ve taken everyday vehicles and added cutting edge solar technology to harness the sun’s energy and reduce the impact of each vehicle journey. We affix light weight, aerodynamic solar mats to the vehicle roof space, which is then connected to the vehicle battery, and alternator via a charge controller. Instead of the engine being used to top up the battery and power ancillary equipment on the vehicle such as tail-lifts, refrigeration and tracking devices, we use the harvested energy to power ancillary equipment. The result being reduced fuel use and less emissions, as well as a reduction in maintenance spend and engine idling time.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • UK-England

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  • Aaron Thomas – Co Founder & Managing Partner, Denny Hulme – Co Founder & Managing Partner, Peter Meier – Chief Technical Officer, Marius Starcke – Business Strategy, George Keaney – Business Support, Sebastian Euler – Communications & Marketing

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