TRANSPARENT WORLD, finalist Denmark

TRANSPARENT WORLD has invented a new material to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) used in applications ranging from green energy applications, information technologies to smart coatings.


CleanLaunchpad National Final Denmark was held at the Technical University of Denmark in CPH at October 10, 2014. TRANSPARENT WORLD won a spot in the Grand EU Final in Valencia.



Transparent conductive oxide (TCO) is intensively used in applications ranging from green energy applications (solar cells) and information technology (displays, transparent electronics & touch screens) to smart coatings (electromagnetic shielding & thermally insulating windows).

Transparent conductors constitute a market of $9 billion/year with a steady annual growth of more than $1 billion per year. The majority (>90%) of this market uses indium tin oxide (ITO), which performs well, but contains 90 weight percent of indium that is very expensive (720$/kg) and is estimated to run out by 2026.

TRANSPARENT WORLD has invented a new material, which is 150 times cheaper than ITO while still maintaining the same great performance. With this material, solar cell and display manufacturers can significantly reduce their production cost and lower their item prices.


What happened after the National Final?

We were interviewed by the journalists from our department and a Danish media ‘ingeniøren’ about the National Final and TRANSPARENT WORLD.

But more importantly: 1) we are now working with the innovation department at Technical University of Denmark to further polish our business ideas and 2) strengthening the climate aspect of our product, as the jury pointed out.


Our expectations of the Innovation Festival

We expect Climate-KIC’s Innovation Festival to be a free and open platform where all cleantech ideas can very well present themselves and interact with each other. We are also ready for a mind-blowing experience for having the chance see them and getting to know so many talented people in different areas.


Our dreams 

On the commercial side, our dream is taking up 5% of the total transparent conductor market share in 5 years. On the personal side, the goal is to learn a lot about entrepreneurship and make an impact.”


– Li Han and Dennis Valbjørn Christensen


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