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Compensate your travel carbon footprint and become a travel hero!


Airlines are a well known and huge CO2 emitter. Even if aircraft engines get more fuel effective, there is no decrease in CO2 emission due to a high rise of public and cargo air transportation.
We, the founders of Travel Heroes, however found a simple yet powerful way to compensate travelers’ carbon footprint.

We close a partnership with airline ticket sellers, booking websites and other travel search engines that foresees a commission for us, once we redirect our website visitors onto their websites for booking. We use the 70% of this commission to offset carbon emissions by eco-investments in: wind power stations, solar panels and eco-solutions reducing CO2. The other 30% we use to pay for our expenses. Our goal is 1.000.000 flights by 2020. We offer also a possibility to increase the CO2 compensation by booking hotels or rental car via our website, which works in the same way.


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  • Milena Piasecka - foundraising & business strategy, Christian Atz - project manager, George Charamis - web-deveoper

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