Treat It

Treat hazardous waste and make them non-hazardous.


Some industrial wastes contain high organic content and are disposed, because it is not possible to find reuse alternatives for them. Mln of tons of hazardous industrial waste is disposed in Estonia by oil shale processing plants. Disposal of waste cause environmental pollution, mainly by leaching of contaminants from the disposal sites. We enable companies, producing hazardous waste to change hazardous waste into non-hazardous by reaching the goal set by the law for non-hazardous wastes. Cleaner environment is reached by reducing organic content both in solid waste and leachate water, coming from disposal sites.

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  • 2017 Participant
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  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Estonia

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  • Jekaterina Jefimova, Founder. Kirill Jefimov, Technical Support.

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