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Find grocery stores discounted products in advance, online


Where can I find in advance store’s discounted products ? Before going for grocery shopping how can I plan my shopping more efficiently in order to save more money and do sustainable choices ?
Grocery stores sell expiration date approaching products for discount in order to prevent them going for waste and more importantly, reduce financial losses arising from this. At the moment in market there are not platform which promotes this availability. This helps stores to sell these foods a lot of faster (minimise losses) and offer consumers easy way to find affordable food, without delivery times. We have created e-commerce platform for grocery stores, where they can add todays discounted products and consumers can check after that where to find affordable food. Our market is families, university students and low income people, which them is really useful. At the moment we have website based solution and are developing application. Income and revenue comes from stores (free for consumers).

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Pyry Juutilainen (founder, Marketing), Kasper Väisänen (CO-Founder, Sales/relations)

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