TYCHOBIO, finalist Denmark

TychoBio API Supplier. They sell green pharmaceutical ingredients to pharma/drug producers.


CleanLaunchpad National Final Denmark was held at the Technical University of Denmark in CPH at October 10, 2014. The entrepreneurship students who were there, were invited as audience. This gave a special atmosphere. The Jury liked the scalability of TYCHOBIO’s vision and its international implications. So they won a ticket to Valencia.


What is TYCHOBIO about?

TYCHOBIO makes chemicals in moss. Today over 80% of chemicals are petroleum based and others required purification from harvests that put huge pressure on already stressed land and water resources. By making these same chemicals in moss, we can provide pure products from natural pathways and at half the price, in some cases. The best bit is that all we require to run this production platform is sunlight, water and nutrients. We also can reduce pressure on endangered plant species by providing an alternative production method.


What happened after the National Final?

We shared the news with our sponsors and business partners, who where of course thrilled. In preparation we are trying to sharpen our carbon cutting and market estimates as well as push for conditional supply contracts with our first customers.”


What are your expectations of Climate-KIC’s Innovation Festival?

First of all we feel excitement, since this is our opportunity to share our vision for greener chemical production at an international level. 

Secondly, we’re looking forward to meet some fellow cleantech entrepreneurs and professionals. It’s always good to see what’s going on across Europe and to swap tips & tricks with peers.


Our dream

“TYCHOBIO’s vision is to be ‘The global green chemicals suppliers’ in our target markets. To provide more affordable and higher quality chemicals with a lower environmental impact, helping the economy transition to oil free future.”

– Will Wright, on behalf of team TYCHOBIO



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