Scalable, Low Energy, Bioreactor Dewatering Systems

uFraction8 builds products around a disruptive new liquid particle processing technology. Following our world leading research, establishing new levels of throughput for massively multiplexed microfluidic devices, our technology will be the key to unlock a prosperous and sustainable future. Our technology offers superior performance and cost savings against the big three liquid processing technologies of filtration, flow centrifugation and flocculation. High volume applications benefit by our unique ability to granularly match targeted volumetric throughputs and our ability to scale this beyond the physical limitations of competing technologies. uFraction8 developments are focused on delivering the most value to the market of sustainable bioproduction. Hampered by the high costs of downstream processing from bioreactor systems, our products energy efficiency, non-dependence on pre-concentration and scalability will achieve dramatic increase in global biomass production.

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  • Dr Brian Miller, Managing Director, Dr Monika Tomecka, COO Executive Director
National Second prize winner

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