National First prize winner


Internet of Energy


Over the last decade, our energy grids have seen significant changes. Just look around! We have more weather-dependent generation based on renewables, more EVs with infrastructure for them.

But all this requires more of distributed balancing capability, too. UGrid’s distributed virtual power plant is going to address this problem.

Let us introduce a smart micro inverter with balancing capability, IoT based grid controller and cloud-based Grid Management System (GMS). The inverter and the controller can be a part of a solar, wind or battery storage power system providing an ability for the owners to sell their generation and balancing capability to the Grid. Suppliers, aggregators, and new utility companies are the main users of GMS.

The solution helps to resolve balancing problems, to create and to use microgrids by the local communities, and to accelerate the transition to the renewable energy. Finally, it makes an energy exchange as simple as communication on the Internet.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Urban Transitions
  • Ukraine

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  • Pavlo Repalo (founder), Liubomyra Remazhevska (Market Analytics), Maria Shamota (Marketing Communications), Oleksiy Repalo, Volodymyr Kostenko, Sergii Niedosekov (R&D)

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