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ORCASWISS turns industrial wastewater into clean water


Many types of industrial waste-water cannot be treated by conventional sewage plants. In developing countries, they go into rivers untreated. In highly developed countries they are burnt at very high cost. We have developed a low-cost technology to treat industrial waste-water.
The scientific description of our technology is Oxidative Reduction of Chemicals in Aqueous Systems With Internal Superoxide Support. We call it ORCASWISS.
The ORCASWISS reactor takes in industrial wastewater and treats if with air and hydrogen peroxide. The reactor lets out clean water which can be treated further and ultimately produce drinking water.
In highly developed countries, our reactor helps chemical companies to dramatically reduce waste-water treatment costs. In developing countries, it offers a relatively low-cost chance to bring an end to green red or violet and toxic rivers.

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Switzerland

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  • Sven Strunk, Founder, Martin Eliasson, IT, Anil Sethi, Finance

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