National Third prize winner


Circular designed bathroom accessories


Imagine removing plastic from the ocean, because it’s harming our planet.
And adding something that’s great for our planet, like hemp fabric.
To make something beautiful and functional for bathrooms.

We are Undisturbed and we are developing our first product, a circular designed shower blind for bathrooms. We are challenging the current linear plastic or glass shower curtains and screens which are impacting our environment during manufacture and when they end their use in landfill.

Our customers will benefit from a product that is easy to install and replace, is mould and mildew free, very low maintenance requiring no harsh cleaning products and won’t cling to your legs whilst you shower.


Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • UK-Scotland

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  • Jacqueline Bruce, Founder; Morag Burns, Business Advisor; Caroline Stretton, Business Advisor

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