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Unfrozen produces and sales ice repelling coating for airplanes


Unfrozen is a super-hydrophobic ice repelling coating for airplanes, sold to the aviation industry for 800$ per 10 liters can – enough to coat an entire Airbus A320! Unfrozen is 15 times cheaper, 100 times thinner and more ecological than the conventional solution – anti-icing liquids. 10 microns layer of Unfrozen stays effective for five flights and is priced at 160$ for one flight. Unfrozen saves 1.8 million dollars and reduces 17,000 tCO2 for one plane each year. Moreover, it prevents the contamination of water sources by anti-icing spills. Northern European airlines are our beachhead market due to their green agenda and harsh weather conditions. Unfrozen hopes to expand into the maintenance and cargo market and apply a new standard in flight regulations of EASA. We recruited the best researches to fulfill this vision.

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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Israel

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  • Prof. Hanna Dodiuk, Prof. Shmuel Kenig, Dr. Ana Dotan- research supervisors. Gal Raviv, Shiran Czyzyk, Niv Cohen - researches.

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