National Third prize winner

Up Serve

Energy delivery for your Electric Vehicle anytime and anywhere


Our startup named UpServe is an innovative CaaS project in the Charging Solutions segment, dedicated to simplifying the process of charging your Electric Vehicles. The problem of the target market of EV owners in the region with a limited number of EV charging stations is keeping up the EV battery level which leads to “Range Anxiety”. Due to this fact, emergency situations with full discharge of EV batteries are common. To get rid of this exact problem, we offer the UpServe solution. Customers can subscribe to the charging plan, by which we guarantee the fullness of the EV battery level. For unsubscribed customers in the above-mentioned emergency situations, we offer on-demand charging which is more beneficial compared to the evacuator trucks’ service. Judging the emerging market of EVs, it is guaranteed that in the future this idea will have more attention and be expanded to more regions with the exact problem.

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Azerbaijan

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  • Afsana Guliyeva - Founder, CEO. Riad Mirzayev - Creative Director, CFO. Laman Mahmudova - Researcher, CTO

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