National First prize winner

Upcycle Coffin

Ecologic coffin for burial and cremation


A coffin made from upcycled materials such as reclaimed doors and wood and recycled organic textiles. It has no varnish, ink, metal. It can be personalized with engravings and since uses old doors each coffin is different , like each person is unique. We want to sell it to Insurance and Funeral Companies all over Europe. and our final costumers may be people with ecologic beliefs. Climate impact is  a very strong aspect of the project since comparing to a standard coffin that uses inerts such as varnises, acrilic textiles, metals, contaminates  soil and air, our coffin does not promotes deforestation, releases less toxics, helps body decompostion that frees soil for future burials that is specially important in urban context where there is little available soil for cemeteries.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Portugal

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  • Cláudia Martins De Melo, Architect, Isabel Ferro, Landscape Architect

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