National Third prize winner


A software solution for the holistic study of the urban environment


URBANMET is an urban environmental management solution for the holistic study of urban systems for public authorities committed to making cities more sustainable and resilient to climate change. It is a numerical model based on the concept of urban metabolism. The core element of our product is a software package that uses integrated algorithms to connect multiple air, soil, water and biology mathematical models to efficiently track energy and matter´s journey inside cities in order to obtain high quality information of spatiotemporal patterns of pollution.

The information obtained by the software is summarized in a comprehensive dashboard and GIS maps that the client can use to prepare green action plans. Our software will allow decision-makers to understand better spatiotemporal trends responsible for environmental issues in urban areas and will assist them with policy implementation.


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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Decision Metrics & Finance, Urban Transitions
  • Spain

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  • Alejandro Baladrón Julian (Proyect Manager/ Environmental R+d/ Water Expert); Carlos Rivero Moro (Proyect Manager/ Marketing and Sales/ Energy and Emissions Expert)

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