The Vegetarian Fast-Food that sources Local and Organic.


Did you know that cattle represents 17% of Global GHG emissions?
Did you know that a vegetarian hamburger paddy contains as much calories and more vitamins than its meat counterpart?
Do you need a snack on the go? But you do want to have a positive impact on the Climate and our planet’s ecosystems?

Veg’N’Fast is an idea that aims at making all of us veggie lovers.
What is it all about : Quality burgers, Salads and more, guaranteed 100 % animal product-free, produced on the best available machines and sourced through local farmers and artisans.
Restaurants that are showrooms for new technologies, lifestyles and products in action or in display.

Want to enjoy a healthy vegetarian and fast meal? Want to be aware of the changes around you?
Welcome to Veg’N’Fast!

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Belgium

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  • Guillaume E. Gillard (Team Leader), Quentin Bondu(Designer : Restaurant And Ads)

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