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good vibrations for water


Sustainable water treatment is one of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century. Freshwater supplies are limited and the treatment of (waste)water requires increasing amounts of energy (Water-Energy Nexus).
The present state-of-the-art water treatment technology is membrane treatment. The major hurdle for membrane applications, however, is membrane blocking (fouling) and the challenge of a reliable process control. As a consequence membrane operation (1) requires higher pressure and energy demands, (2) loses productivity, and (3) is limited in a tailored process control.
With our new SMART vibrating membrane filter we (1) significantly reduce the energy demand of membrane operation, (2) lower the use of cleaning chemicals, and (3) offer new possibilities for individual process control to our customers.
We follow our vision of sustainable water treatment to ensure clean water access in the future.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Germany

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  • Nils Horstmeyer (Management); Jonas Aniol (Product Development & Design); Philipp Sperle (Research & Development)

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