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We provide affordable battery packs to power rural households from reused laptop batteries.


Born in a village where electricity was a challenge and he had to travel over 32 miles to reach charging stations, Gibson started WAGA. This company reuses laptop batteries to produce affordable and durable battery packs to power rural households. Women and youths collect trashed laptop batteries and get paid and access decent jobs, plastic housings are then transported to a recycling center. At the same time, the cells and tested, sorted, and spot-welded together with protection circuits to produce battery packs.
WAGA has now powered over 107 households and offered battery repairs for electric bikes, wireless speakers, and solar lamps in Tanzania.
The company envisions to start producing its own electric bikes and cars in the next 5 years and constructing “THE CITI OF WAGA”, where there will be only green technologies with less environmental impact.


  • 2022

    2nd on the Global Grand Final ClimateLaunchpad

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Tanzania
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  • Gibson Kawago, Founder, Electrical Engineer , Solar Energy Expert - Edgar Tarimo - Environmentalist And Public Relations Officer - Emanuel Lameck - Finance Manager

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