National Third prize winner


Smart Waste Collection System


WASCO offers an enterprise approach to smart, connected waste management deployments. Your local account representative will work with you to evaluate your current waste management situation by conducting an assessment of your waste and recycling footprint, costs, and drivers to build out a WASCO Smart Waste Collection System customized to your facility and needs. WASCO Smart Waste Collection System provides modern solution and green solution for traditional waste collection systems. WASCO wireless sensors can measure the garbage bin fill level instantaneously and send this information to cloud using IOT technology. These collected information from all over the city is processed to get the efficient daily collection routes. These daily routes are transfered to the navigation devices easily used by drivers. By this way, drivers follow the efficient routes and stop for only necessary locations. This saves time and energy, decreases CO2 emission and waste collection costs up to 50%

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  • 2018 Participant
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  • Urban Transitions
  • Azerbaijan

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  • Tural Zakaryazada - Founder & CEO ; Khaqani Abdullayev Techinical Siences Doctor & Prof ; Gulnar Absalamova Sales Manager ; Orkhan Aslanov Technical Officer ; Umid Mahmudov IR Specialist ; Amar Ahadi Ibn Muhammad Financial Manager ; Cami Mammadov Software Developer ; Fazil Babayev Hardware Developer

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