National First prize winner

Waste 2 Water

Cost-efficient drinking water production powered by waste


Almost 800 million people do not have access to clean water today, and unfortunately this number will increase even more with climate change. For the Middle East in particular, drinking water is scarce and precious while waste is disposed in a primitive way or not at all. To reduce water stress, more and more water must be produced by desalinating seawater, which requires large amounts of energy currently provided by burning oil and natural gas.

We developed an innovative process, making waste a valuable resource to replace conventional fuels for powering desalination. Our solution drastically reduces energy costs for desalinated water and in case of the Middle East, even allows to generate extra revenue by exporting saved fuel. The goal is to give a large number of people access to drinking water who cannot afford it today and make a positive climate impact along the way.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Germany

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  • Falah Alobaid And Nicolas Mertens

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