Waste GOrganic

Protect the Earth from food waste and invest in organic farming.


Food waste is the last thing we think about,but is a fact-food wastage is 1.3 bln tonnes anually and the cost of food that goes to waste is $750 billion.And there we have a brilliant solution;this doesn’t mean reducing the consumption of food,but rather creating and sell a product that remains in the entire chain of food transformations and returns in it’s primal state in the form of an organic fertilizer for the soil.
This fertilizer will serve farmers an alternative choice to chemical fertilizers that will be made by composters with advanced technologies in composting.The raw material will be taken from local supermarkets,hotels and restaurants. So,we will help farmers get multiple crops throughout the year,improve soil fertility&stabilize pH,at the same time,remove chemical fertilizers from use that have a lot of disadvantages.
Our aim is to achieve the high efficiency both from the economic point of view thus saving money without forgetting about ecological and ethical aspect.

Quick facts

  • 2017 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Moldova

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  • Vieru Cristina

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