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Energy from organic waste, the natural way for SME


Watasumi makes having your own on-site industrial wastewater treatment plant a reality!
We have developed our solution around Small and Medium sized food and drink producers who lack cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions. These SME want the same benefits of on-site treatment that large companies currently enjoy, and we provide.
Our technology uses the combination of bacterial communities and a novel two electrode system to reliably remove organic contamination day in and day out, converting organic waste to renewable biogas, all without needing an operator on-site. The bacteria are monitored remotely by current produced from all their hard work.
Our business model provides this solution as “Treatment-as-a-Service” where our small footprint modular technology is installed and SME pay by volume treated. The Renewable biogas is utilized onsite, firstly to power our treatment plant and secondly by the SME.

Quick facts

  • 2021 Participant
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  • Circular Economy
  • Japan
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  • David Simpson - Founder & CEO Dr Andrea Pensado - Project Coordinator Dr Mami Kainuma - Chief Scientist Naomi Sato - Business Strategy Takuro Kometani - Operations

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