National First prize winner

Water Solution

Water Solution is a wind-powered generator that produces clean water from air.


We decided to found a company called “Water Solution” to create devices that produce clean drinking water without the use of electricity. All that is required is only one device that produces 30 liters of clean drinking water every day all year round. The price for one device is pretty affordable for everyone, which is only $250 with no additional payments. “Water Solution” is the first company in the Uzbek market. The main goal is to provide clean drinking water to the remote areas of the country, where the water deficiency reaches high level. Since the atmosphere is a large reservoir of humidity, our wind-powered generator can be considered as the most powerful one because it produces clean water, ecologically save and technically does not constitute danger for people’s life while using.

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • Uzbekistan
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  • Boysunov Botir - Founder, Technical Director; Diana Kurbanova - Marketing Specialist; Victoria Lee - Presentor, Legal Adviser; Lola Satvoldieva - Project Manager; Linur Velshayev - 3D Designer

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