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Chemical-free water treatment using VUV light and TiO2 catalyst


More than 30 years of rapid industrialisation have caused extensive pollution of water sources in China. As a result outdated Water Treatment Plants are unable to cope with contemporary contaminants. Hence more than half tap water sources in China are considered to be unsafe for drinking and cooking purposes.

We are offering a water purifier able to neutralise these harmful contaminants by means of photocatalytic reaction. The purifying agents in this case are absolutely harmless and safe “free radicals”, which are generated via light reaction with TiO2 catalyst. It is waste free and chemical free technology, which simultaneously disinfects water (kills pathogens) and degrades organic matter (everything that contains carbon and hydrogen) in it.
Switching from bottled water to our solution will save water and oil resources required for plastic production, transportation, processing etc.


This start-up is one of the Top-15 teams and made it to our Grande Finale. Curious about the pitch during the ClimateLaunchpad European Final 2015? You can watch it here.

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  • Pavels Senivs/founder&developer

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