National Second prize winner


We-R-Eco is turning waste into clean energy for a sustainable future


Our world faces two monumental challenges: the growing waste crisis and the urgent need for clean, renewable energy. Waste is piling up, polluting our environment and straining resources. Simultaneously, the demand for Sustainable energy solutions is escalating as we grapple with climate change. These challenges demand innovative, integrated solutions. We-R-Eco revolutionizes waste management and renewable energy with modular, containerized biogas plants that convert organic waste into renewable biogas. These plug and play systems can be seamlessly integrated into industrial businesses, providing a sustainable means of waste disposal while generating clean energy. .

Quick facts

  • 2023 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Circular Economy
  • South Africa
  • 1

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  • Founder And Managing Director: Sanele Mabizela

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