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Proactive air insights to prevent food waste


In industries such as food processing, energy waste is especially high and can also lead to food spoilage and waste. In 2019, Singapore alone generated around 744 million kg of food waste. Global food loss and waste generates annually 4.4 GtCO2 eq, or about 8% of total anthropogenic GHG emissions, almost equivalent to global road transport emission. Furthermore, it results in USD 936 billion worth of food to be wasted, in the range of the GDP of countries such as Indonesia or the Netherlands.
At WeavAir, we are preventing this enormous waste by using sensor networks and software algorithms to monitor, predict and prevent food spoilage, while saving energy and operational costs. WeavAir works by monitoring over 20 different environmental metrics in real-time and in high-density networks to detect changes in conditions and gases associated with food spoilage.

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  • 2020 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Singapore
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  • Natalia Mykhaylova, CEO; Julie Huber, Hyeonsuk Lim

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