Smart meter for waste


Landfills globally are growing at a rapid rate. To limit the growth, municipalities introduce “pay by weight” systems, where households pay per kilogram of trash thrown out. Such systems encourage people to recycle more waste thus reducing amount of trash ending up in landfills. To measure weight of waste for each household, waste management companies need substantial money investments to set-up complex weighing systems on collection trucks and trash bins. Weighing system to serve 6000 trash bins, costs around €300 K and additional yearly fees for a software package. These costs are the key challenge for waste management companies. WEIGHTER solves this problem by offering a sensor technology enabled weighing service for a monthly fee. Minimal set-up costs allow companies to reduce required investment by 70%.

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  • 2015 Participant
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  • Latvia

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  • Romans Taranovs - Communications, Gundars Miezitis - Electronics, Martins Lasmanis - Business Advisor

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