National Second prize winner

Well Spent Grain Ltd

Leading the charge in circular food systems


Imagine if an entire food product lifecycle was designed and optimized for sustainability.

Well Spent Grain Ltd is a food upcycling start-up based in Dublin, Ireland.
Our company name is derived from our mission: To collect brewer’s spent grain
from local breweries and “spend it well” by creating high quality and value-added
food products such as snack bites.

We are committed to leading the charge in improving climate change as well as reducing the impact of food waste issues by rescuing brewer’s spent grain (which is underutilized and wasted in the food supply chain), all while contributing to a circular food economy.

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  • 2022 Participant
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  • Food
  • Ireland
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  • Sunkyung Choi : Founder, Patrick Nagle: Co-Founder

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