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Wet Technik

Creating value from bringing customized wastewater recycling solutions to you.


We want to bring customized wastewater recycling solutions to households in Uganda that mainly practice subsistence farming. These households carry out backyard farming of valuable food crops especially vegetables that they sell to earn extra income. These are the same households that release a lot of wastewater to their septic tanks and the environment. This wastewater, which cannot be directly used in irrigation because of its high chemical loading, is what we look at as our source of value.
We look to be an enabler to backyard farming by providing a solution that can treat this wastewater to a quality safe enough for use in irrigation. Our solution, from the research we have carried out for the past year, requires a considerably smaller surface area, making it able to fit in even urban areas where land is limited.
Our ReTumia wastewater recycling system uses a mix of pumice, an abundant volcanic rock and waste bottle caps , that are abundant in the waste streams.

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  • Uganda
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  • Musinguzi Mark - Team Lead, Kwizera Pike - Financials And Strategy, Ssekimpi Dennis- Technology And Research Lead, Buzabo Mellissa- Design And Aesthetic Lead, Musumba Emmanuel- Marketing And Strategy, Mwebesa Nina Shatsi- Quantity Surveyor

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