National Second prize winner

WhiteShark Energy Private Limited

Driving an affordable transition to solar energy through smart and durable solar power controllers


Globally residential consumers are yet to embrace solar energy due to multiple reasons like
i. high capital cost,
ii. replacement cost of key components every 5 years or so,
iii. lack of generation data monitoring and
iv. inefficient O&M by service providers.

We at WhiteShark Energy are developing a series of affordable IoT enabled solar charge controllers and inverters that not only ensure maximum generation from solar (MPPT), but through design innovation reduces lifetime cost of solar plants.

Also through IoT we enable smart switching between energy sources like Solar, Grid, Battery and Generators. Through ML, our device can automatically select the cheapest source of power in real time from the above options and balance the demand load as per source availability, ensuring lowest electricity bills to the consumer.

Our monitoring platform provides real time data to developers of solar power plants, streetlights and water pumps that reduce O&M time and costs by >40%.

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  • Solutions for Emerging Markets
  • India-Odisha
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