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Smart Portable Wind Turbine to charge your electronic devices


Charging electronic devices has been a major problem during outdoor activities such as Camping and Hiking, where conventional power methods only provide a limited amount of charges. But now, we found the solution for you.

Wind-E is a light-weight, water-resistant, portable Wind Turbine that can be easily folded and fit in any kind of backpack, so you can take it ANYWHERE, offering you UNLIMITED and FREE energy to charge your essential devices.

As the air rotates Wind-E’s generator, Energy is produced and stored in an internal battery and then you can simply plug-in your devices to be charged.

Wind-E is a Savonius type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, that was designed after multiple experiments (CFD, Wind Tunnel Tests, Solidworks Structural Analysis) in order to find the optimum design in terms of dimensions (aspect & overlap ratios), number of blades, efficiency and power generation. It is a SELF-STARTING machine, that it is NON-DEPENDENT ON WIND DIRECTION!

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  • Harris Angeli - Founder (Mechanical & Renewable Energy Engineer), Andreas Karaviotis (Chartered Accounting & Finance)

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