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Importing timber into the EU, US and Australian market involves the responsibility for ensuring the legal harvest – where certifications fail, launderers win!

Xylene revolutionises the way wood is offered on the market. A user-friendly tracking and tracing system uses a mobile application to ensure every step of the wood supply chain is documented from the forest to the final product.

With the help of blockchain technology, we offer the utmost confidence in the authenticity of the data, as the ledger is fully transparent, unchangeable and not centrally owned by any organisation.

The information can be monitored and managed by the customer through a connected web-based timber management system. Providing enhanced transparency with total trustworthiness and accuracy of the timber movement along the supply chain.

Quick facts

  • 2018 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Germany

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  • Christopher Edwards - CEO, Giuseppe Benenati - CTO

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