Yingor AG

Reducing food loss on farms & increasing farmers revenue.


Every year in sub-Saharan Africa, 54 million tons of food is lost to post-harvest and food glut due to the inability of farmers to immediately sell, properly process and safely store their produce. This leads to significant economic and environmental damages especially for small-holder farmers who produce 80% of the food in Africa
Yingor AG is utilizing solar drying technology to preserve and add value to farm produce into high quality nutritious and shelf-stable dried food ingredients right at the source of production. The technology produces food ingredients at competitive costs with very small CO2 footprint while meeting food safety standards.
We make farming economically viable for small-holder farmers and offers safe and nutritious food at affordable prices to the consumer all year round. This is creating new markets, reducing food loss at farms dramatically, addressing climate change and food security.

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  • 2021 Participant
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  • Curtis-Shyne Aboetaka (Founder,COO) / Najwa Arimiyaw (Co-Founder, Product Manager)
  • www.yingorag.com

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