Your Green Foot

Easy, logical and clear instrument for assessing impacts to environment


GreenFOOT index evaluates environmental impact of product or service using ecological footprint concept and can show the sequences of production cycle assessing an anthropogenic material flows and assessing impact of waste disposal. GreenFOOT calculates not only CO2 emissions, but as well pollution with chemical substances to air, soil and water and evaluates impacts on fossil and renewable resources. With GreenFOOT you can easily compare two similar products (f.e. the packing type of juice – tetra pack vs bottle) and to choose an ecologically one with a less GreenFOOT index. A customer can identify at what point production has the lowest or the greatest impact to environment and can reduce the amount of packing wastes and save fossil resources or save money while a producer can save on packing, transportation and disposal costs and improve company’s environmental policy.


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  • 2016 Participant
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  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Lithuania

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  • Kęstutis Biekša (Idea manager and technology) and Miglė Čibisovė (Marketing)

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