Connecting sustainable projects with a social cause - to a networks of supporters.


ZAMBIchangers is an online platform helping individuals and organizations to collectively contribute — whether with ideas, time or funds — to sustainable projects with a social cause.

Type of campaigns:
Fundraising for a charity or social business. Reach: Funds (donors)
Volunteering and community service project. Reach: Time (volunteers)
Innovation, problem solving and efficiency challenge. Reach: Ideas (innovators)

With our services people can create digital campaigns for donation-based crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, which enables to save resources and lower the cost of running a campaign by leveraging the geographical and social reach of the internet and allows millions of people to pursue their own ideas with the help of networks of supporters.

Our network: entrepreneurs, innovators, graduates, activists, artists, underserved people, organizations, start-ups, non-profit organization, businesses, donors, investors and volunteers.

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