National Third prize winner

Zero Carbon Building Element

intelligent design - smart construction


The zero carbon building element is the key component of a comprehensive approach to sustainable construction. The prefab wall, platform and rooftop modules are made of timber, straw, clay and flax. The concept is trimmed to minimize energy consumption, create a healthy indoor climate and inspire a sufficient lifestyle.

The complex physical, structural and ecological requirements are achieved through a highly efficient but still elementary assembly: Straw bales are slided into a double T timber frame and sealed with clay on the level of the flanges, heat exchangers being able to be integrated in the clay layers. On the inside, a flax fleece is glued on the clay and the wooden parts to form a vapour barrier and a plaster base to be finished with clay plaster. On the outside, a wood fibre board protects the construction. It can be plastered or covered with rear ventilated claddings.

Quick facts

  • 2015 Participant
    Year of participation
  • Switzerland

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  • Thomas Dimov (founder – Architect, Energy Consultant); Andreas Reimann (architect, Expert On Materials);​ Urs Spillmann (business, Real Estate); Ildikó Séra (architect, Artist, Communications)

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