Krucial Nature

We are offering a nutrient-friendly alternative to petro-plastic grow bags.

SowPrecise Africa

Streamlining agricultural value chains in Africa

Drop Access

Affordable and Portable Solar Powered Cold Storage

Pine Kazi

Using pineapple waste to craft eco-friendly casual shoes


We are equipping Kenyan schools with solar cooking boiler replacing their traditional firewood cook

Pine Kazi

Crafting sustainable eco-friendly casual shoes from Pineapple waste

Clean Air Ke

Our machines clean the air and have display panels to sell advertising space

Savanna Circuit Tech

Improving livelihoods with Low energy portable solar milk chillers for farmers in emerging markets

Leafy Ke

Clean fuel for a better home.

Savanna Circuit Tech

Mobile Solar Chilling on the Go systems to cut dairy post harvest losses

Mega Gas

We convert plastic waste into clean and affordable cooking gas for poor families in Kenya.


Production of bio-ethanol cooking fuel from water hyacinth weed


Delivering Bio-Alkanol Gel fuel as a renewable energy source


Providing farmers with environmentally friendly solutions to their pest problems.


Bio-Alkanol gel is a thick liquid fuel which is a mixture of ethanol, cellulose and water.

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