PreeLabs Limited

We develop and implement remote monitoring and automation technology.


ARTEL uses artificial intelligence, to solve the globe’s disaster management challenges

Quimsil Siliconas SL

Quimsil is a pioneer company in silicone recycling in Europe.

Yuon Control AG

Predictive and intelligent heating control system to reduce energy consumption by 25%

MADA Analytics

Using liquid air to store excess renewables & capture 100% CO2 from exhaust of gas generation.

Smart Mountain

Commercializing climate adaptation & resilience projects for developing countires


Reduce the reliance on natural resources by transforming construction waste into building materials

Helton Traders Llp

Turning plastic bottle waste into sewing threads.


Optimizing Freight Matching for a Sustainable Future With Sharing Truckload

Avoid delays in electrification caused by grid congestion


A sensor to detect fungi in greenhouses for a pesticide-free future

Using less material, a greener future!


We sell electric trucks to companies engaged in transportation of any goods at an affordable price.


We provide affordable battery packs to power rural households from reused laptop batteries.


Scalable electrochemical 3D printing of electronics



Davaam Life

Mainstreaming product refilling through our Refill Stations to reduce single-use plastic


Advanced Passive thermal managment

Krucial Nature

We are offering a nutrient-friendly alternative to petro-plastic grow bags.

Ari Care

Revolutionising the manufacturing technology of body care and cleaning products.

Xi Bassile

We provide an innovative nature-based solution for urban drainage.


BreatheIO is a health tech company that promotes the wellbeing and longevity of human lives

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