We-R-Eco is turning waste into clean energy for a sustainable future

Helton Traders Llp

Turning plastic bottle waste into sewing threads.

Mycelia Tech

We harness the power of mushrooms to create better materials and leather


Locally produced biofertilizer and soil conditioner from animal waste


Optimizing Freight Matching for a Sustainable Future With Sharing Truckload


Simby: Simplifying e-waste management with a digital circular economy platform.


Deinking and delaminating plastic packaging films

Bio-Revive FRG

Revolutionary composite waste recycling for a sustainable future


We provide affordable battery packs to power rural households from reused laptop batteries.

Davaam Life

Mainstreaming product refilling through our Refill Stations to reduce single-use plastic

Krucial Nature

We are offering a nutrient-friendly alternative to petro-plastic grow bags.

King Greens Ltd.

From plant waste to strong, trendy, seed-embedded paper bags.

Green Creek Eco Farm Ltd.

An insect based sustainable, alternative protein source in animal feeds


Sustainable packaging produced at industrial scale

The Rewear Company

Kidswear rental marketplace for parents, brands & retailers


The easiest and most affordable engine conversion for sustainable mobility.


Sustainable sportswear brand recycling used fishing nets into textile


Peer-to-peer rental marketplace for consumers and companies

Pamaja Cold Labs

Manufacture and install solar powered walk that preserve horticultural produce from 2 to 21 days

AgriTech Futura Srl

Solving Deforestation through Innovative Technology


Transforming organic waste into food through bioconversion using an insect.

Fashion Sourcing

provide sourcing and sustainable platform for the fashion industry


From waste to unique design products!!!


Upcycling and Recycling Platform for Circular Waste Management


Automatic detection of wrongly sorted waste.

Mycrobez AG

Mycrobez is revolutionizing foam – automated, scalable and circular

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