Smart Mountain

Commercializing climate adaptation & resilience projects for developing countires


Transforming carbon emissions into added-value chemicals.


AI-based Carbon Footprint Calculator for Carbon Neutral Trips

Nexus Lab

Reduce 57% of emission from aviation by avoiding contrail formation

Up Serve

Energy delivery for your Electric Vehicle anytime and anywhere


Playful, rewarding missions, education, the power of community let’s go to a sustainable future!


L’eautelier – design (atelier), hospitality (hôtelier) and the water (l’eau).

Coast Guard Drone Cape Verd

Specialized company in coastal rescue, assistance, lifeguarding, and drone technology.


A rapid device for detecting chemicals in our food

HNE Futures

Cleantech startup operating in the E-mobility space in the Middle East and Africa


Limitless clean energy by enabling a sun on earth

2D Membranes

Graphene membranes make carbon capture affordable!


Removing CO2 by ‘exporting’ intensified algae to the deep ocean


e-marketplace for everyday use ecological products

Solalis – Electric Boats

Solalis is electrifying waterways & popularizing electric boats in the Amazon.

Agora Solutions

Integrating IoT solutions for sustainable aquaculture


Sustaintable Electricity from Ocean

Drop Access

Affordable and Portable Solar Powered Cold Storage


Electric vehicles, app, energy saving, battery improvement, cost savings


The Online Platform To Design Your Hydrogen Project

Water Solution

Water Solution is a wind-powered generator that produces clean water from air.


Bioinoculant for mangroves, helps them grow in hipersaline conditions.


Providing daily life-essentials from solar power

Solo Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable delivery packaging made from agriculture residue

Water Shield

Water Shield – A new air pacificator that kills epidemics with the power of water.

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