Agora Solutions

Integrating IoT solutions for sustainable aquaculture


Sustaintable Electricity from Ocean

Drop Access

Affordable and Portable Solar Powered Cold Storage


Electric vehicles, app, energy saving, battery improvement, cost savings


The Online Platform To Design Your Hydrogen Project

Water Solution

Water Solution is a wind-powered generator that produces clean water from air.


Bioinoculant for mangroves, helps them grow in hipersaline conditions.


Providing daily life-essentials from solar power

Solo Packaging

Biodegradable and compostable delivery packaging made from agriculture residue

Water Shield

Water Shield – A new air pacificator that kills epidemics with the power of water.


Transforming agricultural waste into a biomaterial that can substitute plastics.

Spark Technologies

Heavy Duty Smart Batteries for Longer Power Backup


Technologies for weather and water monitoring

Torus Robotics Pvt Ltd

Disruptive Electric Motors for the transforming Electric Automotive Industry


A solar powered battery swapping service for last mile transport.

Green Coins

Green coins can be earned by low carbon activity and can be spend for discounts/give-aways

Simi Stove Ltd

Innovative Clean Cooking Solutions


SolarAce is developing most compact and powerful photovoltaic rotational systems


Smart Portable Wind Turbine to charge your electronic devices

Farmspeak Technology

We build smart hardware and software solutions for poultry farmers.


Online gamified team building for remote companies

Kairos Energy

Green Energy For All

Clean Air Ke

Our machines clean the air and have display panels to sell advertising space


We are making renewable energy reliable and rewarding.

Bryte AS

Changing the way energy is stored and shared.

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