Smart Green Roofs

Roof top farming, IOT Technology, Automation, Smart Irrigation System


Digitalizing buildings and integrating it with IoT systems, making Smart Homes real.

Eco Hydro

Non electrical water monitoring and control in irrigation based systems

Adapta Group

We transform the supply chain of Food and Beverage companies into the World largest carbon sink


Finance tree plantation using an offset-as-a-service business model

Sabon Sake

Fostering a regenerative economy with resilient soil


Have fun while conserving nature

Mona5na ( Our Climate Lab )

Climate action start up, working for environmental education, by making workshops using innovation.


Mobile contaminated soil cleaning device based on biological cleaning techniques


Facilitating recovery of forests in cooperation with enterprises through teambuilding.

Green Soil

Green soil for sustainable agriculture, to produce better and more through organic fertilizer..

Regenerate Australia

Australia’s 2040 Pathway to Net Zero Emissions a Soil Solution


Providing translucent wood plastic composites to reduce buildings CO2 emissions

Hunza Development Forum

To solve the issues faced by the society in my region through self-help as part of my belief system.

Smart Green

Live with no hustle .. in an Eco-Lodge in the heart of sinai mountains


AR Reality Sandbox to rise awareness and effectiveness in land planning for mining activities

Eco-Worth Tanzania

We are dealing in production of construction materials from plastic and glass waste


Using Perimat as a bifilter for fish effluents and as a fish feed.

Hurricane LLC

Stock-Factory: Stop Wastes and make our planet Cleaner!

Planeta Renewables S.r.l.

Planeta Renewables s.r.l. is a startup in the sector of agro-energy and circular economy.


Flood Risk assessment GeoIntelligence information for insurance companies


An integrated system designed to boost agricolture crops

Fiji Fertiliser

Fiji, an organic seaweed fertiliser! From Nature For Nature !


Reproduction of valuable plants


Smart buildings heating

Yield Systems

We provide AI solutions for plant breeding and agriculture.


Green closed cycle soil cleaning technology

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