ThinkBikes Limited

Leasing cargo E-bikes to SMEs for affordable transportation of goods.


Agrimax produces Zero Co2 insectmeal to replace fishmeal and soymeal

Sunshine Kiosks

Challenging the African microbusiness status quo towards a solar-powered economy

Quadcycle Ltd

Solar powered electric vehicles manufacturing company


We turn recycled plastic waste into durable roofing sheets.

Bright Future Global

Bright Future makes studying at night easier for students in power-deprived areas around the world.

Spunvertek Enterprise

Invented an affordable solar inverter for powering conventional water pumps

Powerstove Energy

IoT enabled clean cookstove that generates electricity with less biomass

Eco Life

Mobile Solar Green Kiosks for Micros/SMEs

Roncho Energy Services Ltd

Roncho Energy sells clean electricity to facilities in rural areas at an affordable rate.

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