Global Grand Final 2017. And the winners are…

ClimateLaunchpad presents the next generation of cleantech entrepreneurs ready to fix climate change.

Limassol, 19 October 2017 – Start-up Bio Alkanol Gel from Kenya won ClimateLaunchpad’s fourth edition. Their business idea is based on their technology to obtain liquid fuel from waste materials. Second prize goes to MeduSOIL from Switzerland; they developed microbe cement. Vienna Textile Lab from Austria came in third with their scalable process to colour textiles with bacteria based pigments.

This year’s competition attracted the record number of 1,000 cleantech entrepreneurs applying for National Competitions in 35 countries across the globe. Kenya and Australia were among the exciting newcomers to the competition.

Frans Nauta, founder ClimateLaunchpad: “Seeing 105 teams from all over the world during the ClimateLaunchpad Grand Final simply proves our motto: Climate change will be fixed one start-up at a time. By entrepreneurs from all over the world, finding commercial, scalable solutions in a whole variety of markets. Climate change is not only one of the biggest challenges facing the planet, it’s also the biggest business opportunity and job creator for decades to come.”


Grand Final Winners

1st Prize: Bio Alkanol Gel from Kenya

2nd Prize: MeduSOIL from Switzerland

3rd Prize: Vienna Textile Lab from Austria


Audience Award: Vienna Textile Lab from Austria


Theme Awards:

  • Sustainable Production Systems: TeMU Materials from Finland
  • Food Theme Award: Sea Harmony from Bulgaria
  • Theme award for Carbon Impact: V-Chiller from Hungary.
  • Sustainable Land Use: GrowGreen from Cyprus
  • Theme award for Urban Transitions: PavNext from Portugal


The 10 teams who won direct access into the Climate-KIC Accelerator

Congratulations to all winners of 2017!


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