Global Winner Mabe makes vegetable leather, no animals or chemicals are used!

About our winner: 80 percent of the Ecological Footprint in the fashion industry comes from the materials that are used. There is a high demand for more sustainable products, but developing them is not that easy. 

A challenge that start-up Mabe Estudio accepted. They developed a plant-based leather that is indistinguishable from the real thing. No animals and chemical products are needed for production. And it is also much cheaper than ‘normal’ leather. The resource? Pods of the Angico tree. A tree common in South America.

Mabe founder Marina Belintani can’t believe she won ClimateLaunchpad 2022: “We are the first Brazil start-up that even reached the Global Final of ClimateLaunchpad and we were already so proud of that.” She will use the €10,000 she won to give Mabe a good start. “We can create and work along with the nature in a respectful and meaningful way.  I hope we can grow big and inspire other startups to do the same with their innovations.”

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