Here’s how we will continue to support green entrepreneurs across the globe

Dear all,

The world has been turned upside down. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Our hearts go out to anyone affected by the pandemic. These times are challenging on all levels and demand all of our humanity and resilience. We need to strengthen community ties and support each other.

There are many consequences for entrepreneurs and international business with start-ups especially being hit hard. We are committed to keep supporting green entrepreneurship and start-ups with all the resources available to us. Fixing climate change continues to be a priority.

We are working on solutions to keep our programme going in this new reality with safety and accessibility as our primary drivers. The most significant change is that the entire 2020 edition of our competition will be remote and executed online.

Going digital was on our agenda anyway. With the continuous expansion across all continents, it was high time to reduce our carbon footprint. That decision was accelerated now. What stays the same is our mission to scout and train the world’s most promising entrepreneurs with viable greentech business ideas. 

A major benefit of going digital is that we will be able to reach even more people. Participating is no longer limited by distance, anyone can join. All the more reason to join #CLP20 and be part of the green wave. 

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We will keep updating you on the way things will be set up. In the meantime: stay safe, stay sane and keep on tackling climate change. Together we can do this. 

All the best,

Team ClimateLaunchpad

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