Don’t Be Square. Join Us In Cyprus.

Our climate-fixing season is coming along nicely. With applications in Australia still coming in, we’re already at a record high with 907 business ideas entered. Will we make it to the glorious 1,000? It’s gonna be tight, but we’re counting on our Aussie friends to bring it home. #CLP1000

With National Finals happening all over the place, we are prepping for the big one: the Global Grand Final on Cyprus in October. It’s the single most fun and valuable green business event around. Grab your tickets while they’re hot.

It’s summer; always a perfect time to catch up on some good reads:
– Global emissions can be pushed down to net zero by 2060.
– The developing world is turning its poop problem into a resource.
– Sustainable food for everyone? The challenge of our century.

Have a nice day,
Frans Nauta
Founder ClimateLaunchpad

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