OR-KESS, the audience favorite

For sure I was a little afraid when I entered the room where the semi-final took place. For some reasons it is easier for me to enter a big stage with an audience of 80 to 100 people than a small room with just 25.

For me it was a great experience to make the audience laugh. In the semi-finals as well as in the finals. That might be the key of how we became the “audience favorite”. Anyway, I forgot what I said.

We became part of the Launchpad to get into Climate-KIC’s Accelerator. As we’ve won access to the program, our plan worked out well. Now we expect to be accelerated. In all terms, due to networking, due to learning how to talk to customers, venture capitalists and so on.

Anyway, on our way to Valencia we already learned quite much in terms of pitching and my presentation skills evolved a little bit.

The complete event was perfectly organized. Although I was wondering why there was only one female jury member. As Climate-KIC is aiming at changing our society, I would recommend them to get more ladies on board.

Author: Hendrik Schaede, start-up OR-KESS (Hessen, Germany)

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