How to know if you’ll profit from entering our Green Business Ideas Competition

You’re considering joining ClimateLaunchpad, but not quite sure yet if it’s the way to go for you. That’s fine, we’re not trying to win you over here. We just want to help you make the right decision. Your only concern should be: will you or your business idea profit from joining?

Before getting into that, here are three reasons NOT to enter:

  • You think hope is a strategy. It’s not.
  • You are an ideas person and feel someone else should do the execution. We are committed to help you every step of the way and get you ready to enter the big league. That only works if you bring some elbow grease to the table.
  • Although greentech is the single next best business opportunity of our time, if you are just in it for the money – this won’t fly. If you don’t have a genuine concern about fixing climate change, you won’t make it in the long haul.

On that note, if you can check off 5 of the 7 following boxes, then you should definitely give your idea the chances it deserves and join our competition.

ClimateLaunchpad will be profitable for you if…

  1. You have a green business idea and want to validate your thinking: You’ve just come up with your idea or you have been going in circles with it. Either way, just put it to the test. You’ll get accepted into the programme or receive valuable feedback. Nothing to lose by that, is there?
  2. You’re stuck in the trenches of your early stage* cleantech venture: Get yourself on the fast track. Work on your key value drivers, find your proposition, perform customer validation and pitch yourself silly. We’ll be there to help you steadily work your way to global impact.
    *You can apply if your business is younger than twelve months, doesn’t have a meaningful customer base yet and hasn’t received more than € 200,000 in investments.
  3. You’re okay with making money in sustainable business
    Nope, money should not be your only driver. But there’s no need to shy away from it either. Green entrepreneurship and a thriving sustainable economy are vital if we are serious about tackling climate change – and we are. Making money comes with the job.
  4. You’re willing to put in the work and are available for the scheduled Boot Camp, National and Grand Final. We’ve got you covered during the entire competition with training, 1on1-coaching and peer reviews, so you’ll end up hitting the ground running.
  5. You know that climate change isn’t going anywhere, all roads lead to green business, and you’re stoked about the prospect of picking up the skills, tools and strategies to actually start surfing the green wave.
  6. Still here? Then we’re pretty sure you’ll love our programme and the rapid learning curve it delivers.
  7. And finally…
    You know joining us is free. And super easy. You don’t need a full business plan, just enter your rough idea and estimates on the application form.  Simple as that. No strings attached.

That’s it.

What’s the score? Less than 5? Maybe this isn’t for you at this time. 5 or higher? Jump aboard, we’re looking forward to read your idea.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour,

ClimateLaunchpad Team

PS. Just a quick word from a former finalist on what they gained:

“ClimateLaunchpad goes beyond any normal competition. It’s not just about some money prize. What we got is the support we needed: coaching, mentors, training, office space and financial support for our venture.” William Janssen from Desolenator.

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