Let’s waste less: innovations that prevent squandering are trending in 2023

Preventing good stuff from being wasted, contributes to sustainability in so many ways. Perhaps this is why waste prevention inspired many competitors of the 2023 edition of ClimateLaunchpad.

The inventive minds of ClimateLaunchpad competitors produce a myriad of solutions to contribute to global green business. They augment food systems, enhance green mobility, clear paths towards more clean energy or contribute to one of our other green themes. Many innovations offer a solution for climate consequences caused by business activities. Strikingly, this year we see multiple entries and National Winners that prevent such consequences.

Entrepreneurs came up with innovations to prevent  food losses, pollution, and fossil squander. And some of these also improve the socio-economic situation of people involved. Take these 3 examples.

Just keep your crop cool
Of course we could develop a smart technology that puts post-harvest crops losses to good use. But what if you could find a way to keep crops cool in the first place? So, from the African Region ideas were pitched to transform grain storage by providing on-farm digitized household silos to smallholder farmers. And to create an automated, climate-smart cold storage technology for the fruit and vegetable market, designed to be off-grid, cost effective with net zero emissions and energy consumption. These innovations would prevent the loss of decent food and add to fair market prices and food security.

Save a sip on a fossil drink
Preventing unnecessary transport, like trucks driving home empty, potentially saves a sip on the drink of fossil fuel problems. Amongst other ideas, we see ideas come in for digital freight matching platforms that can optimize trailer space, minimize handling, and reduce empty miles.

Move buildings towards saving energy
Yet other entrepreneurs pitched ideas to make buildings move in a green direction. How? By halting heat transfer through windows and thus preventing heat loss and decrease energy consumption for heating and climate control. Current energy prices could very well support this idea’s revenue model.

And the winners are…
All pretty clever start-up innovations. But which ones are the crème de la crème of green start-ups? Find out this fall, during the ClimateLaunchpad Finals 2023!


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