All we need is…

Being at the @CleanLaunchpad boot camp Sweden & Denmark was a pleasure. While it was easy to get impressed with the disruptive potential of many of the ideas and the massive market opportunities many of them are addressing, it was even more impressive how the 2-days in Gothenburg proved that nothing is impossible when smart people with outstanding ideas want to move things to the next level.


Looking at the bigger picture the world badly need (cleantech) ideas that change people’s behavior towards more climate friendly actions, not because people know it is needed to change the behavior, but simply because they like the opportunities the new ideas offer better than what they have today. This means we need ideas that simultaneously offer lower costs and better convenience/effectiveness than legacy solutions. Ideas just like many of those were at the training in Gothenburg!


At Climate-KIC and CleanLaunchpad we feel proud, privileged and fortunate to have a chance to help these ideas come to life and develop into commercial successes and ultimately contributing to less stress on our planet’s resources.


Author: Jakob Steen Jensen, Entrepreneurship Lead Climate-KIC Nordic

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